We provide our publishers with a multitude of features other networks simply don’t offer. We understand that high converting offers are primary. However, we feel that there are countless other features that are essential to successfully running campaigns, and effectively managing your Internet Marketing business.

Beyond our dedicated Affiliate Management team that will make certain that your campaigns run smoothly every day, we consult you in asset security & overseas structuring, both financially and commercially. With this in place your IM business will be protected and will grow exponentially as access to foreign investment markets (which provide much higher returns than domestic) coupled with tax liability mitigation will provide cash “out of thin air”. You can rest assured that the earnings from your hard work are protected by unlawful government bureaucracies and frivolous lawsuits, while mobilized to earn more in high return environments.

We truly believe we stand alone in the vast ocean of networks trying to win you over. We don’t ask you to try us; we instead show you what we offer, suggest you investigate other networks, and then make your own decision. Should you decide to try 007, we guarantee that we fulfill all of our promises here, and much, much more.

Select Offers
The network manages and provides only a handful of high paying, high converting offers. No time wasted trying to determine which offers pay and convert well.

Weekly Payments by Default
Weekly payments are default at 007. Minimum payment threshold is $500. We like to pay, and we love to pay fast.

Universal Gateways
No hassles setting up and managing multiple gateways/widgets. We offer universal turn-key gateways for all major websites to blend your money pages seamlessly with our locker.

Publishers Chat
We all know how powerful chat can be now imagine one with only big earners.

Resource Center
We offer an array of Tools, Scripts, Ebooks, & More… Free!

Solution Portals
Offshore privacy and banking solutions are provided to publishers at wholesale rates and packaged as total solutions.

007CPA Operations
We run our network on ethics. We are responsible for what happens here.
We’ll handle all legal issues with 3rd parties (excluding verifiable fraud).
We will cover all advertiser chargebacks (excluding verifiable fraud).
We’ll handle all banking issues that may arise from/in “controversial” countries.
We will teach you how to protect yourself with overseas structuring, financial and business.

How You Get Paid
We provide payments via wire and Payoneer. Payoneer offers a pre-paid credit card that can be loaded with your earnings; alternatively, Payoneer can facilitate ACH payments in the US and iACH payments in virtually every other country in the world (ACH = domestic bank to bank transfer). In very extenuating circumstances we can make other payment arrangements (please contact your AM).

We have paid on-time, every time… we have NEVER missed a payment (by even a day). Our 3-man dedicated accounting team loves to make on-time payments and work tirelessly to ensure that happens!


Network Details
Number Of Offers:100
Commission Type:CPA, CPL, Content Locking
Minimum Payment:$500
Payment Period:Weekly Payments from Day 1
Payment Method:Wire, Payoneer
Referral Commission:3%
Phone Numbers:500
Tracking Software:HasOffers with Proprietary Content Locking Technology
Affiliate Manager:
Name Email Phone AIM Skype Gmail Facebook
Nox Singh nox@007cpa.com N/A N/A hitman.rockz N/A N/A
Join Network:Join 007CPA

User Reviews

  • 5/5

    josh mathew

    Wow. I’m very impressed with this cpa network. Everything about them is just amazing. HIGHest rates I’ve ever personally seen, payments are very EARLY, the support is unbelievably fast (Florin). Attached an early payment proof from 007CPA! One of the favourite network.

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