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A4D Performance (Formerly known as Ads4Dough.com) is run by Affiliates who have the experience to help you get ahead. Our goal is quality. Quality offers and quality Affiliates. We know there are hundreds of networks to choose from, so we make it a point to filter out the garbage that weighs down the competition.

A4D Performance has everything you need for your success:

– Weekly ACH Payments With No Wire Transfer Charges.
– Great Offers Designed for Maximum Conversions With Great Payouts.
– Team Leaders With Real Affiliate Experience Who Understand the Business.
– Extreme Confidentiality. We Will Never Use or Disclose Your Campaign Data.
– Self placed conversion tracking pixels.


Network Details
Number Of Offers:188
Commission Type:CPA , CPL , CPS
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Period:Net-15, Weekly
Payment Method:Check, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral Commission:2%
Phone Numbers:50
Tracking Software:Cake Marketing
Affiliate Manager:
Name Email Phone AIM Skype Gmail Facebook
Gina Lomori ginal@a4d.com 619-665-5870 ginaa4d ginaa4d N/A N/A
ginaa4d brettc@a4d.com 801-310-8328 brett.a4d brett.a4d N/A N/A
Mo Gazipura mog@a4d.com 619-241-6441 mo.gazipura mo.gazipura N/A N/A
Gregg Ward greggw@a4d.com 949-324-2148 greggsward greggsward N/A N/A
Jason Akatiff jasona@a4d.com 619-846-2198 jasona4d smaxoro N/A N/A
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User Reviews

  • 5/5

    levon woodos

    A4D is one of the best networks to work with the offers.Awesome good deals , good earnings, payments on time and fast and the staff is nice ! Better network to work with !

  • 5/5

    mark frydel

    A real pro network! My campaigns are converting because they have tons of awesome offers and landing pages that actually convert. Finally! and they pay on time.I like their offers a lot, CPA over average for me.

  • 5/5

    david lucas

    Regularly use A4D Network for CPA offers, Payments always on time every month without fail and there is always support available if you need it. Highly recommended! Love this Network :)

  • 4/5

    mick foley

    Amazing Network That have good Offers & High Payout. Working with them since 1 year and they always pay me on time awesome support.

  • 5/5

    daniel bryan

    Thank you to A4D . I get paid today. This is my First payment from A4d Network.Hoping I will do more this month .

  • 4/5

    john bradshaw

    A4D is one of the most trusted affiliate network. Never miss a single payment. I made over $ 40k with them .

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